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Body Materials
Books, Films and Oliver Edwards Books And DVD's
Capes & Hackles
Chenille, Braid, Dubbed Body,Body Yarn,Chadwick's 477 sub.
Chris's Clearance Category
Dubbing furs, Winging hair, Winging Yarn & Unibobbers
Eyes, Cones, Beads, Tungsten Heads & Backs
Feathers, Classic & Salmon
Finishes And Treatments
Fishing Accessories
Hooks,Tubes And Shanks
Lead, Wires, Mylar & Tinsel
Leaders, Loops and Lines
Legs, Tails,Marabou,CDC and Biots
Saltwater, Pike, Boobies, Foam And Winging Material

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UK Postage and Packing
All items 3.50 to mainland UK. For all other destinations please ring with your details.

Europe Postage and Packing
Small or Light Items 4.95
Large or Heavy Items 14.95

World Wide Shipping
We can arrange delivery worldwide with high reliability. The charge will reflect only the cost of shipping to the country required and orders can generally be delivered within 7 days.

Returns and Exchanges
Should you be unhappy with your purchase we will exchange or refund purchases if returned in original condition within 14 days of receipt.
Exchange goods may incur a further postal charge, however, this would be communicated prior to dispatch.
Our returns policy conforms to the requirements of The Consumer Protection Regulations 2000.

If a customer wants to cancel an order they can do so by giving written confirmation within seven working days from the day after that on which the goods were received.

Credit Card Refunds
On return of items we can only credit funds to the credit/debit card used for the original purchase. Please allow 30 days for the refund to appear on your statement.

Credit Card Security
Lathkill processes card payments via Netbanx which means all credit card processing is PCI compliant. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a world-wide benchmark mandated by the card schemes for the protection of cardholder identity and transaction information. NETBANX is PCI compliant.

New products !

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Standard Clear

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Micro Red

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Standard Red

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Standard Brown

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Standard Yellow

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Micro Olive

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Micro Yellow

Lathkill Micro Glass Beads - Orange

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Micro Lime

Veniards Ultra Lace Tubing - Micro Brown

Back In Stock

TMC 811S - TMC 811S Size 2

Marc Petitjean CDC - Cream

Scissors - Veniard Razor Scissors

Cellire Varnish - Clear

UNI Unithread 6/0 - Tan

Chris's Clearance Category - Lureflash Antron Body Wool

Fly and Line Treatments - Dilly Wax

Jungle Cock Capes - Jungle Cock Cape No. 14

Chris's Clearance Category - Elk Mane Dyed Black

Pheasant Skin - Red

Fulling Mill World Class - 9 ft. Long 7 lb. Tip

Lathkill Micro Glass Beads - Flat Yellow

Chris's Clearance Category - 5 Special Indian Hen Capes

Veniard Super Select CDC - Flo Pink

TMC 102Y - TMC 102Y Size 19

Glue - World Class Fishing Super Glue

Dyna-King Vices And Accessories - Trekker C-Clamp Vice

TMC 103BL - TMC 103BL Size 21 Box of 20

Lathkill Indian Hen Saddles - Mixed Pack Of 5

Marc Petitjean CDC - Light Mallow

Marc Petitjean CDC - Olive

Lathkill Indian Hen Capes - Cree

Chris's Clearance Category - Calf Tail Dyed Claret

Veniards Silicone Rubber Tubing - Dayglo Yellow

Snowshoe Rabbit Feet 1 pair - Natural Cream


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