Tubeworx Tubes And Cones

The recently launched Tubeworx range offers a complete tube fly tying system that fits together without having to stretch tubing or modify any of the components.Choose from a vast array of great colours of tubing, to suit all applications of fly tying, including solid colours, fluorescent colours, luminous colours and tubes with sparkle and glitter impregnated into them.Tubeworx must offer the largest choice of coloured tubes for fly tying in the world.Key features of the TubeWorx system are: • The outer tube fits perfectly over the inner tube. • The tubes have been made from a special plastic that will not crack or break when fishising, and are suitable to use down to sub-zero temperatures. • The outer tube has some in-built stretch to accommodate fixing hooks directly into the tubing without the need for additional silicon tubing, making a neater and better looking fly. • The metal components all fit on to the inner tube giving you the flexibility to create stunning flies for different conditions. • A vast choice of colours and sizes of cones and metal tubes are available to complement the plastic tubes.Created by a fly fisherman for fly fishermen.We have extensively tested and used the TubeWorx Tube System to ensure that it performs in the most extreme conditions, and most importantly, that it catches fish.

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